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"Sophia" is the short story of two characters who escape from a loud ball to the cold, snowy balcony outside and find a warmth in their lives that they never knew before. Sophia is given a push by a new friend Morgan to become who she always knew she was inside.

This is an important scene from "The Light in Front of Me" that holds a special place in my heart where a major character comes out as trans. It's a deeply personal scene that I wanted people to read, but it's also near the end of the book. So now, it's available with music and art as a visual novel for people to enjoy!

If you have any issues at all, please let me know! And thank you for reading!

Story, Music, and Backgrounds by SnowyAria

Mirror Painting CG and Game Icon by Cargodin

Install instructions

  1. Extract the .zip file
  2. Run "Sophia.exe"

You can hit Alt + Enter to make the game fullscreen. Help in the main menu will show you further controls.


Sophia-1.0-pc.zip 58 MB
Sophia-1.0-mac.zip 41 MB

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